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Dinocare is a powerful fuel additive to help you care for your car by optimizing fuel economy, reducing engine deposits and lowering maintenance costs.

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At Noon’s, convenience meets variety with fast, friendly service. Our selection includes local favorites like Bagels on Broadway, Big Dipper Ice Cream, and Casa Pablos Salsa! We also feature delicious Millstone® coffee, ice-cold beverages, F’real® milkshakes, plus a wide selection of local and regional craft beer, fine wine, ice, propane, and everything in between. Go beyond a normal Missoula gas station menu; grab a quick bite with our tasty assortment of hot dogs, sausages and other delicious treats in our deli. Gas up here for your next adventure or daily commute with the finest fuel from Sinclair. We’re more than just a convenience store, we’re Missoula’s Hometown Fill-Up! Open 24 hours a day at one of our three convenient, award-winning Missoula locations!

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Missoula friends: Our internet provider, Charter / Spectrum Cable, has an area-wide outage that has dropped our ability to take credit or debit cards at the pumps. We have our back-up machines working inside the stores on slower dial-up lines, or you can pre-pay for fuel with cash and save 5¢ per gallon.
Thank you for your patience as we wait for the cable company to make repairs. We're told Charter is working on the issue and will call us back when service has been restored, sometime between 8 am and 8 pm.
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Hey Friends! Missoula Federal Credit Union is at Noon's on 39th NOW to 6 pm with prizes for BUZZ POINTS members! Sign up for Buzz Points or show them the app on your phone! See the display at the front of the store for more details! ... See MoreSee Less